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NFC Contactless Business Card crafted by high-quality durable plastic, & silicone

£ 69.99


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Empower your networking strategy with the SHRE Table Talker for Digital Business, offering both NFC and QR code sharing capabilities. This innovative solution not only makes an unforgettable impression but also streamlines the process of connecting with potential clients, partners, and contacts.

→ Make contactless payments

→ Get more 5 stars reviews

→ Book your next appointment

→ Instant Access - contact info, social media apps, reviews, bookings, payment apps, websites, and more.

→ No app needed: The person you are exchanging contacts with does not need a SHRE card or app to receive your details.

→ Compatible with NFC-enabled smartphones both iOS & Android

→ Easily personalize your card with full customization

→ Embedded videos, photos, and files

Material: Crafted from high-quality durable plastic, silicone, epoxy material. Waterproof, oil proof, easy to clean.

Size: 110*160mm

Weight: 150 g

Compatibility: NFC-enabled smartphones for both iOS & Android


  • - 1. Effortless Sharing: Sharing your contact information has never been easier. Simply tap your NFC Plastic Digital Business Card against another NFC-enabled device, and your details are instantly transferred.
  • - 2. Eco-Friendly: Reduce paper waste and contribute to a greener planet by eliminating the need for traditional paper business cards.
  • - 3. Memorable First Impression: Make a lasting impression with a modern, sleek, technologically advanced business card reflecting your commitment to innovation.
  • - 4. Limitless Information Display: Showcase your brand effectively by including multimedia elements such as social media apps, reviews, and websites, providing a comprehensive view of your products or services.
  • - 5. Real-Time Updates: Keep your contacts informed with the latest information. Update your details or promotional materials on the card as frequently as you like.
  • - 6. Cost Savings: Over time, our product is a cost-effective alternative to continuously printing traditional paper cards.
  • - 7. CRM Integrations: Streamline your business operations by integrating your customer relationship management system, sharing your information, securing leads, and exporting to your CRM, making data management more efficient than ever.

How It Works

  • - 1. Order: Choose your preferred SHRE NFC-enabled product.
  • - 2. Setup: Once you receive your SHRE product, set up your personalized profile using our customer dashboard and free mobile app. Add your contact information, logo, multimedia content, and create a unique profile that reflects your brand. You can activate both NFC and QR code sharing.
  • - 3. Sharing via NFC: When meeting someone interested in your business, simply tap your smartphone or NFC-enabled device against the stand's NFC tag. Your contact information is instantly transferred, making networking effortless.
  • - 4. Sharing via QR Code: For those who prefer contactless sharing through QR code. Your QR code can be scanned using a smartphone camera, and your contact information will be available to them in moments.

Shipping & Returns

The delivery usually takes about 7-10 business days within UK. However, it could take up to 2 weeks depending on your location or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Once your order is placed, you will promptly receive an email or text message with a link to track your order!

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns.

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